Snake Rescue Bag

₹ 1,000.00

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  • Made with heavy duty cotton material. 
  • Perfectly sewn corners for bite free handling and releasing.
  • Soft cotton material that keeps snakes safe during storage and transportation. 
  • Wide mouth of the bag allows the snake to be easily placed inside it. 
  • Come with a rope-tying  feature that prevents the snake to escape. 
  • Comes with a rod attached to the mouth of the bag that helps in keeping the snake at a safe distance. 
  • Weight - 1 kg
  • Length of rod - 3.5 ft
  • Bag Mouth Diameter - 1 ft

*Only for temporary storage of snakes after rescue until taken back to its natural habitat. 

Weight1 kg
Rod Length3.5 ft
Bag mouth diameter1 ft

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