MD’s Message

Welcome to the world of Sharpex, the only complete gardening solutions provider in India

From an ordinary beginning as a small company more than three decades ago, to a brand that stands for technological leadership and high quality today, Sharpex as a brand has had a wholesome growth trajectory.

Investing consistently in product development, research, marketing and service are factors that have proved critical in strengthening its hold. This has led to it gradually expanding into other categories to include high-performance products for the ever demanding consumers. Sharpex, over the years has engineered and innovated a large range of products, covering sectors like Gardening, Agriculture, Forest, Industrial and Disaster Management.

Since its inception, Sharpex, has maintained an efficient, non-bureacratic organization with minimal decision-making paths, a fact that enables rapid response to changing market needs and involves employees at all levels in the company’s development. It has carved a permanent niche for itself by adapting operations in order to achieve development that is economically, socially and ecologically sustainable. Sharpex is a leader in several areas in terms of products that have reduced environmental impact. In the years to come, the group intends to intensify the focus on development of products with improved environmental performance.

With a rock solid foundation, a formidable past, and a spirit charged with the vision of endless possibilities; Sharpex has positioned itself as an all-round performer. With a satisfied clientele of more than 200 top corporates, the company today is well entrenched in India and accelerates its success by consistently living up to its commitments.

Mr. Aroon Patel
Mr. Navin Chandra Patel
Mr. Rajnikant Patel